TID Will Herondale :)

So I’ve been on Google and I saw that The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare is being turned into a movie also! Eeeeeeek!


And it got me thinking about who should play Mr Will Herondale….
(I’m Team Will by the way… like I literally love him!)

So I narrowed it down to three actors… I don’t know what you guys think but I thought these three were brilliant choices for Will (and they are very handsome!)

So first choice is:

Aneurin Barnard


Aneurin is 26 year old Welsh actor. He’s 5’9″ has green eyes and brown hair. Currently he’s playing Richard III in the tv adaptation of The White Queen.
He was one of my three choices for Will because I personally think he’d do a good portrayal of Will’s attitude to things and they way he jumps into action to protect those he loves from Downworlders but also keeps them at arms length to protect them. Oh and of course his brooding looks 🙂

Choice number 2:

Alexander Vlahos


Alexander is 25 year old Welsh actor and is 5’10” with dark brown hair and blue/green eyes. He portrayed Mordred in the tv show Merlin (I looooove that show… even if it is over!) I think he’d be a good choice for Will because again he has the brooding looks but also his eyes! They are just so Will! Like Aneurin I think Alexander would be able to pull off Will’s attitude and I also think he’d be good at portraying his ‘hidden’ feelings for Tessa.

And finally choice number 3:

Douglas Booth


Douglas is a 21 year old British actor and is 6’1″. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s played Pip in the BBC tv adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and is currently playing Romeo in the film version of Romeo and Juliet. Like the other two they have all starred in period type dramas so they are no strangers to wearing ye olde clothes. Like the other two also Douglas has the brooding looks but its the lips and his jawline that just speaks Will! And I think he could portray Will’s somewhat desperation when it comes to Tessa well.

To be perfectly honest to me they are all good choices and if there was a way to merge all three together then I would.
They are all amazing actors and I would love to see one of them get the role of Will.

So what do you lot think of my three Will Herondale choices?

Good or Bad?


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