Crush of the Week

The new blog feature 🙂

So each week I’m going to pick a    ‘Crush of the Week’ (with some little help from my friends of course!)

Crush of the Week can be anyone from TV and movies or our favourite male ‘husbands’ from books 🙂

So this week’s Crush is……


                   Max Irons


So after some Google-ing on the glorious internet I found out a few facts about our crush!

His full name is: Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons and is the son of Actor Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack (he’s half Irish! Swoon!)


He was born on the 17th October 1985.
He lives in Camden, London.
He’s 6’2″, with green eyes and fair hair.

Max is an actor and model and had modelled for companies such as Burberry and Mango.

As of 2012 he became the face of Macy’s.


                   (Look at him!)

As for his acting roles he’s starred in Being Julia, Unrequited Love, Dorian Gray, The Runaway, Vivaldi & Posh (2014)

His three top roles you may recognise him from are:

Red Riding Hood where he played Henry alongside Amanda Seyfried (he played her love interest! It’s a well good movie!)

The Host where he played one of the main characters Jared Howe. The film is an adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s popular book The Host (see previous blog’s for more info on The Host)

And recently he’s playing King Edward IV in Philippa Gregory’s tv adaptation of The White Queen (also known as The Cousins War)


So why is he Crush of the Week?



Okay so apart from being extremely handsome he’s also a brilliant actor. From what I’ve seen of him his acting skills are brilliant and he can play alot of different roles and can put on a very convincing American accent!
From what I’ve seen in interviews ( tv movie special of The Host and This Morning) he’s very down to earth and humble. And also a laugh!
He also has a very sexy husky voice haha!!


And another thing….. he’s single!! (Form an orderly queue ladies!) He dated Australian actress Emily Browning up until last year (she reportedly called it off!)

I don’t know what type of girls he goes for but one things for certain…. I will NEVER EVER have a chance with him!

But oh well I can dream can’t I? 😉



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