Happy Happy Happy!!

As you can guess I’m happy!
And why am I happy?

Because I’m writing again!!


I’ve had a tough couple of months and stopped writing because of it. But yesterday I picked up a pen and my notepad (I’m old school haha no laptop for me!) And I started to write my story idea!!


Needless to say I was like this….


I had already started writing a vampire novel which would end up being a trilogy but when my laptop broke and things went wrong over the past couple of months I stopped writing it.

And then suddenly I came back with a totally new story (I will eventually go back to the vampire trilogy πŸ™‚ Its more adult themed than YA)

But this new novel idea is YA!!

Should I tell you? Or should I keep you guessing?

Well I can tell you its not Vampire or Werewolf or Fallen Angel…. πŸ™‚

Its a new (ish) supernatural creature πŸ™‚

So YAY!!!

Excited!! πŸ˜€






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