Books to Movies 6!

The next one!
This is going to be a long one I’m afraid… (not as long as the Harry Potter blog is going to be though!)
So as you can probably guess this one is all about….


             THE TWILIGHT SAGA

“What’s the Twilight saga?” I hear you cry… well unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the past 5 years its a series of four vampire themed books written by Stephenie Meyer.
There are two types of groups for twilight… those who love it and those who hate it…
I’m in the top category… I do love me some Twilight 🙂

So as I said its a series of four vampire based fantasy books by Stephenie Meyer.
They chart the life of 16 year old Isabella “Bella” Swan who moves to Forks Washington and falls in love with a 104 year old vampire Edward Cullen.
The books have gained immense popularity and success around the world and has consecutively set records.
The books were then commissioned to be made into movies with Twilight coming out in 2008, New Moon in 2009, Eclipse in 2010 and the last book being split into two movies. Breaking Dawn part 1 in 2011 and Breaking Dawn part 2 in 2012 🙂

So here’s a quick run down of the books….



Bella moves from Phoenix Arizona to live with her father in Forks Washington.
Bella soon settles into school life and she’s soon involuntarily drawn to the mysterious and handsome boy Edward Cullen.
Edward and his ‘siblings’ (Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett) keep themselves to themselves and are very secretive.
Eventually after several rescues from Edward, Bella eventually learns that he is a member of a vampire family who drinks animal blood rather than human blood (vegetarian vampires as they are known in the books)
Edward and Bella ultimately fall in love with each other and on an outing with the Cullen’s to play baseball in a field they run into trouble.
They meet three vampires from another coven; James, Laurant and Victoria.
James is a sadistic vampire who, when he catches Bella’s scent, is drawn to hunt her down.
Edward and the other Cullen’s (including their vampire adoptive parents Esme and Carlisle) defend Bella and they escape to Phoenix where she is tricked into confronting James who then tries to kill her.
Seriously wounded she is rescued by Edward and he and the Cullen’s kill James.
Bella gets better in hospital after they claimed she had fallen down the stairs.
Bella and Edward continue with their relationship.



Edward and Bella are blissfully in love but after an accident at Bella’s birthday party (she papercuts her finger and in a house full of vampires clearly equals disaster) Edward and his family decide to leave Forks as he believes he is endangering Bella’s life.
Bella goes into a state of depression but her mood eventually lifts and she develops a strong friendship with Jacob Black (Jacob is mentioned briefly in Twilight. His father and Bella’s father are best friends and when she used to visit him she used to play with Jacob)
Jacob is hiding a secret of his own though and he pushes Bella away but she finds out his secret. He can shape shift into a wolf. Now knowing their secret and knowing she’s in danger Jacob and his pack must protect Bella from Victoria (she was James’s mate so because they killed him she out to kill Edwards mate Bella)
Due to a misunderstanding Edward thinks Bella is dead and he goes to commit suicide in Volterra in Italy where he’s going to reveal himself to the humans.
Bella, with the help of Alice manages to save him.
They then meet the Volturi (they are like the vampire presidents… they set the law)
The Volturi want Edward and Alice to join their coven because of their special vampire powers. They refuse of course and they let them go on the condition that Bella must be turned into a vampire in the near future.
They return to Forks.



At the start of the book you find out that Victoria has created an army of newborn vampires to battle the Cullen’s and to ultimately kill Bella.
The love triangle between Edward Jacob and Bella comes in full swing with Bella confused about her feelings for both of them.
With Bella’s life in danger the Cullen’s and the Wolf pack join forces to destroy Victoria.
With the battle about to start Edward, Bella and Jacob camp in the mountains (the best scene in the book is definitely the tent scene!)
Even though Bella loves Edward she kisses Jacob on top of the mountains.
Victoria and her newborn army are destroyed and in the end Bella chooses Edward and agrees to marry him.



Bella and Edward are married and at the wedding Bella is briefly reunited with best friend Jacob. But its short lived and Jacob goes off on one when he realizes that Bella is going to sleep with Edward on the honeymoon.
The honeymoon however is short lived when Bella finds out she is pregnant!
The pregnancy develops rapidly ultimately weakening Bella and even though she is dying she won’t be parted from her baby because she loves it.
When she goes into labour Bella almost dies and has a few seconds with her baby before her heart gives up. Edward then injects his venom into her heart and begins to.bite part of her body so the venom can flow through her.
Eventually Bella wakes up a vampire and she sees her daughter for the first time… they call her Renesme, a combined name of their mothers names (Bella’s mother is called Renee, Edwards is Esme)
A vampire from another coven sees Renesme and she believes that the Cullens have made an immortal child and goes straight to the Volturi as its against vampire law.
The Cullens travel the world gathering vampire witnesses for Renesme.
Bella realises that she may not get to see her daughter grow and so she decides to get Renesme and Jacob fake passports so atleast she’ll have someone to look after her (its also revealed that Jacob has imprinted on Renesme so she can never be harmed by other wolves and he’ll basically love her for life!)
The Cullen’s, their witnesses and the wolves ready to face the Volturi incase of a fight but none ensues as Alice and Jasper xnd a half human half vampire person and they convince the Volturi that they are not a threat to the vampire world.
The Cullens and the others are left in peace and Jacob and Edward come to a truce and and start to see each other as brothers. (With Jacob jokingly asking Edward if he can call him Dad)



In the book Bella is described as clumsy and a danger magnet with dark hair and dark eyes. She has immunity to supernatural abilities and as a vampire Bella develops her own mental shield and she finds out that it can protect her loved ones.



Edward is a vampire who lives in the Cullen clan.
He feeds on animal blood instead of human. He has a mutual hatred for Jacob bit in Breaking Dawn he sees him as a brother. His vampire skill is mind reading.



Jacob is a member of the Quileute tribe and is Bella’s best friend. He’s of course a wolf and is in love with Bella but when he sees Bella and Edwards daughter Renesme he imprints on her and finds his soulmate… awwww!



Carlisle is the Cullens adoptive father having turned Esme, Edward and Rosalie into vampires. He works in the hospital in Forks and is very protective of his family.


Esme is the Cullens adoptive mother having been turned by Carlisle when she was dying after giving birth to her baby back on the day…
Carlisle and Esme fall in love and adopt Edward and Rosalie who are soon followed by Emmett, Alice and Jasper.


Rosalie has a sad past which you learn about in Eclipse. Carlisle saved her and turned her into a vampire hoping she would be a mate for Edward. Rosalie found Emmett instead. She seems rather closed off to Bella but you soon realise that she’s jealous of her human-ness.


Emmett is Rosalie’s mate and they have been married several times. . Apparently no one could be around them when they first started having sex! (They were very annoying apparently!)
Emmett is the muscles of the Cullen family and is protective of all his family.


Alice has a special vampire power of being able to see the future before it happens and she saw Jasper becoming her mate before she’d even.met him… awww! She looks like a sweet innocent girl but get on the wrong side of her and she becomes a fierce fighter.


Jasper was feeding on human blood before he came to the Cullens and had a hard time adjusting to animal blood but soon got used to it. He knows all about warfare and is the leader in the fight against Victoria showing the  others how to fight newborns. In Eclipse you also learn Jaspers story on how he was turned into a vampire.


Renesme is Edward and Bellas half human half vampire child and is just adorable! She loves her parents and her family and dotes on Jacob.



Laurant is part of the coven in twilight who arrives with Victoria and James when the Cullen’s are playing baseball. He warns Carlisle about James and the fact that he won’t give up the hunt. In new moon he tries to kill Bella and in turn is destroyed by the wolves


James is the vampire who tries to hunt down and kill Bella. In the showdown you think he’s won but is then killed by the Cullens.


Victoria is James’s mate and when he is killed she decides yo get her own back on Edward by killing his mate Bella. She meets her death in Eclipse.

Is the movie the same as the books?

There is a little difference between the books and movies and they did leave some parts out but they weren’t really big scenes.
As for Bella I think they could have chosen someone better than Kristen Stewart as I don’t think she really captured the book Bella well. Edward and Jacob were right and so were the rest of the Cullens but I just wasn’t convinced as Kristen as Bella.
None the less I do love the books and I do adore the movies. They are a little slow paced and so are the books but I just think that Stephenie’s writing style.
Anyway if you want to loose yourself in some vamp romance I would definitely recommended The Twilight Saga. There are alot of other good vampire books out there too but start with Twilight and then work your way up to other vamp books.

I’m sorry it was so very long! But there was just soooo many books!

The Twilight Saga Cast

*Bella Swan- Kristen Stewart
*Renee- Sarah Clarke
*Phil- Matt Bushell
*Charlie Swan- Billy Burke
*Billy Black- Gil Birmingham
*Jacob Black- Taylor Lautner
*Rosalie Hale- Nikki Reed
*Emmett Cullen- Kellan Lutz
*Alice Cullen- Ashley Greene
*Jasper Hale- Jackson Rathbone
*Edward Cullen-Robert Pattinson
*Carlisle Cullen- Peter Facinelli
*Esme Cullen- Elizabeth Reaser
*Reneme Cullen- Mackenzie Foy
*Victoria- Rachelle Lefevre
*Laurant- Edi Gathegi
*James- Cam Gigidant
*Eric- Justin Chon
*Mike Newton- Michael Welch
*Jessica- Anna Kendrick
*Angela- Christian Servatos
*Aro- Michael Sheen
*Caius- Jamie Campbell Bower
*Marcus- Christopher Heyerdahl
*Felix- Daniel Cudmore
*Demetri- Charlie Bewley
*Sam Uley- Chaske Spencer
*Harry Clearwater- Graham Greene
*Quil Ateara- Tyson Houseman
*Embry Call- Kiowa Gordon
*Paul- Alex Meraz
*Jared- Bronson Pelletier
*Emily- Tinsel Korey
*Jane- Dakota Fanning
*Alec- Cameron Bright
*Riley- Xavier Samuel
*Victoria- Bryce Dallas Howard
*Leah Clearwater- Julia Jones
*Sue Clearwater- Alex Rice
*Seth Clearwater- Booboo Stewart
*Bree Tanner- Jodelle Ferland
*Eleazar Denali- Christian Camargo
*Carmen Denali- Mia Maestro
*Irina Denali- Maggie Grace
*Tanya Denali- MyAnna Buring
*Kate Denali- Casey LaBow
*Amun- Omar Metwaly
*Kebi- Andrea Gabriel
*Tia- Angela Sarafyan
*Benjamin- Rami Malek
*Senna- Tracey Heggins
*Zafrina- Judith Shekoni
*Garrett- Lee Pace
*Liam- Patrick Brennan
*Siobhan- Lisa Howard
*Maggie- Marlane Barnes
*Randall- Bill Tangrade
*Mary- Toni Trucks
*Peter- Erik Odom
*Charlotte- Valarie Curry
*Alistair- Joe Anderson
*Stefan- Guri Weinberg
*Vladimir- Noel Fisher
*J.Jenks- Wendell Pierce
*Nahuel- JD Pardo
*Auilen- Marisa Quinn


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