Books to Movies 4!

This one is all about…. *drumroll*


                      THE HOST

Written by the author of the Twilight saga Stephenie Meyer this book is a far cry from Twilight. Okay so there is romance and choosing to believe in yourself and this you love and it is paranormal of a sort but its more Science Fiction Romance than Twilight was.

Set on Earth its about a host of parasitic aliens, known as Souls, who invade earth and take over human bodies.
It follows one souls journey when her human hosts body refuses to co-operate with the take over of her body.

After Twilight it was pretty inevitable that this book would be made into a movie too. And like Twilight it is a little slow pacing but that’s just the way the book is written. You can’t have a big sweeping epic full of blood and guts when that’s not how the book is like.

I did like the book. It was hard to put down and you got so into poor Melanie’s struggle with trying to keep her body against this alien whose trying to take over. And the love she has for her brother and her (super hot) boyfriend knows no bounds and she would do anything to see them again.


So it became a movie (I said that right?!). I don’t know if it was as popular as Twilight but I did enjoy it. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the film and from what I could remember it stuck to the book well.

So characters…
Well you have Wanderer “Wanda” who is the parasitic alien soul who is inserted into Melanie Stryders body.
She receives her name due to the number of planets she has lived on and visited. Although she has travelled all over she has never found one to call home. Initially Wanda wants to enjoy her new life but the refusal of her human host threatens that.
Melanie’s love for her brother Jamie and her boyfriend Jared (Played by Max Irons =SUPER HOT!) spills over to Wanda and she finds herself abandoning her kind to seek them out in the desert. Wanda slowly starts to develop sympathy for the humans. Souls are actually altruistic and she’s horrified by the violence from the humans.

Melanie Stryder is a human rebel who spent years of running to avoid being implanted. Eventually she is caught and implanted with her parasitic alien Wanda. Melanie’s consciousness survives however despite Wanda’s attempts of taking over. Melanie likes to feel strong and hates Wanda for not keeping her that way. Her love for Jared and Jamie spills into Wanda’s consciousness and they become unwilling allies. Melanie and Wanda soon bond however and Mel is horrified when she finds out that Wanda wants to be taken from her body and killed so she doesn’t have to invade anyone else.



Jared Howe is Melanie’s one true love. They met when both of them were on the run and they both caught each other stealing food from an empty house. Both of them believed the other to be a soul but when Jared realizes that she’s not he kisses her in his excitement. They go on the run together with Mel’s brother and then she’s caught. Jamie and Jared run to the hide out in the desert.In Melanie’s memories Jared is loving and excitable but when Wanda meets him he is bitter and hardened. At first he despises Wanda for taking Melanie’s life but he soon changes his mind. He has a parental relationship to Jamie and is often charged with leading the group in raids.


              Jared (luuuuush!)

Ian O’Shea is one of the human survivors living in the desert hidey hole. Like the others he has a string dislike of souls but all of that soon stops when he begins to enpathise with Wanda. He befriends her and soon falls in love with her. He’s fallen for Wanda’s mind however. Not Mel’s body. He would love her in whatever body she had. (Awww sweet!)



Jamie Stryder is Melanie’s younger brother. He has no animosity towards Wanda and views her as a substitute sister. He loves the stories Wanda tells and is one of the few humans who actually likes her for who she is. Despite Jamie being young he wants to be treated as an adult but most of the others don’t.



The Seeker is the soul who originally caught Melanie and her job is to search and track down humans who have yet to be implanted. She despises Wanda and Melanie’s early relationship and even pushes Wanda to hunt down the other humans.
Irritable and edgy for her species the seeker eventually shoots and kills a human in cold blood even though Souls hate violence. You soon realise that she has a secret herself….


                     The Seeker

Okay so the hidey hole in the desert didn’t just appear out of nowhere! It was built by Melanie’s eccentric uncle Jeb who was a paranoid survivalist before the invasion began and so he constructed an elaborate hide out in the desert! (Although I can’t remember if it explains how the others got there or not! Its been a while since I read the book)

Okay so why is this a good movie?
Well because the book was a bit more adult than Twilight was but the movie could be put in the same genre as Twilight… don’t get me wrong I love Twilight (they’ll be a blog on it soon!) But they were slow paced… like the Host.

It is a good movie because of the messages it sends across… choose to believe in yourself, don’t forget who you are and most importantly boys like you for your personality 😉
Okay so maybe that isn’t a big message but still… it gives me hope!

If you loved Twilight then I’d definitely give the Host ago and if you’ve read the book then watch it too 🙂

I’ve heard a rumour that she’s doing a second host book?? Don’t know how that will pan out…

Oh and another reason to watch the Host… it has MAX IRONS in it!! Total drop dead gorgeous hot (okay so is Jake Abel who plays Ian…) but MAX!


(Just to reiterate my point on how HOT he is!) 😉


*Melanie Stryder/Wanda- Saoirse Ronan
*The Seeker- Diane Kruger
*Healer Fords- Marcus Lyle Brown
*Jamie Stryder- Chandler Canterbury
*Jared Howe- Max Irons
*Ian O’Shea- Jake Abel
*Jeb- William Hurt
*Kyle- Boyd Holbrook
*Maggie- Francis Fisher
*Aaron- Lee Hardee
*Brandt- Mustafa Harris
*Doc- Scott Lawrence
*Wes- Shawn Carter Peterson
*Lily- Raeden Greer
*Wanda/Petal- Emily Browning


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