Books to Movies 2!

Okay so the second part of my Books to Movies blog 🙂

So this one is all about:


              VAMPIRE ACADEMY

These books are so amazingly awesome. Full of action, forbidden romance, friendship and about doing the right thing this book covers it all.

Written by the brilliant Author that is Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy is a YA six part paranormal book series (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound & Last Sacrifice)
It sets place at St Vladimir’s Academy and the books are told from 17 year old Rosemarie ‘Rose’ Hatahaway as she training to be a bodyguard to her Moroi best friend Vasilisa ‘Lissa’ Dragomir. As she learns how to defeat the evil Strigoi she is caught in a forbidden romance with her instructor Dimitri Belikov.

Rose is feisty, powerful, beautiful and she certainly knows her own mind. She will do anything to protect her best friend Lissa and even hides her secret. (Something happened to the pair of them in the past) She falls hard for her instructor Dimitri even though they both know its forbidden.

Lissa is Rose’s best friend and the last of her family (The Dragomir’s) Lissa is beautiful, slim and flawless (a moroi trait!) She’s loyal to Rose. She falls for the social outcast Christian, even if they do get on the wrong foot to begin with. Lissa thinks she is going crazy and it does seem like she is… until you learn why!

Dimitri is a dhampir and an official guardian. He’s guarded to begin with, taking in his surroundings, watching for potential threats to the moroi’s life. Dimitri is one sexy Russian dhampir and starts a forbidden romance with his student Rose.

Christian Ozera is the academy’s social outcast because of what his family did in the past. He comes across as arrogant to begin with but all of that disappears as he falls hard for Lissa.

Mason Ashford is another guardian in training and another of Rose’s best friends. He’s a loyal friend and madly in love with Rose… but how will he react when he discovers her forbidden romance?


                Rose Hathaway


                  Lissa Dragomir


                Dimitri Belikov


                 Christian Ozera


                  Mason Ashford

The moroi are the ‘good’ vampires
who wield one of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. What many of them don’t know is that some Moroi wield Spirit as their element. Which causes a big uproar! Moroi do feed on blood but they can go for a few days inbetween feeds. They have feeders who come to the school. Moroi’s are beautiful, slim, tall and flawless. They can go out in day light but they weaken quickly.

The Strigoi are the ‘bad’ vampires. They become Strigoi by either taking a humans blood effectively killing them when they are a Moroi or they are humans who have their blood drained and take Strigois blood. They can also turn Dhampirs into Strigoi against their will. Their eyes are red… a difference between them and the Moroi. They cannot go out in day light

The Dhampirs are a result of Moroi and Human relations or even Moroi and Dhampir relations. Dhampir’s cannot have children with other Dhampirs and seeing as their race is dying out because they have to protect the Moroi and Dhampir falling for a Dhampir is a strange and unheard of thing. Dhampirs are beautiful and shorter than the Moroi. They are strong and powerful and will protect their Moroi counterparts with their lives. The motto is “They come first”

Why I can’t wait for this movie:

I seriously love the books. They are amazing and you cannot put them down. When I heard it was being made into a movie I fangirled all over the place. I am in love with Dimitri and him and Rose together are just electric! The actors they have picked to play the characters are brilliant and Danila whose playing Dimitri is just beautiful!
I haven’t heard of many of the actors playing the characters (with exception of one or two) but that’s what makes a book to movie special. Unknown actors who become big hollywood names.


            (Picture from the set!)
You have no idea how much I fangirled looking at that’s picture!

We do have to wait until next year for this movie and for those of you who are crying out “Not another vampire movie!” This is different. Yes it has love and blood and evil and all of that but don’t start comparing it to Twilight… this is totally different! Far from Twilight than you can possibly imagine. This is going to be the new thing next year. It may even be more popular than Twilight!

Characters and Cast in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (so you can go check them out!)

*Headmistress Kirova- Olga Kurylenko
*Natalie Dashkov- Sarah Hyland
*Rose Hathaway- Zoey Deutch
*Queen Tatiana- Joely Richardson
*Mason Ashford- Cameron Monaghan
*Victor Dashkov- Gabriel Byrne
*Mia Rinaldi- Sami Gayle
*Dimitri Belikov- Danila Kozlovsky
*Sonya Karp- Claire Foy
*Lissa Dragomir- Lucy Fry
*Jesse Zeklos- Ashley Charles
*Christian Ozera- Dominic Sherwood



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