Books to Movies :)

So I was looking at my books earlier and I thought to myself so many of these have been turned into movies or are being filmed right now and I had an idea for a couple of blog posts….

So I’m going to do a section “Books to Movies” and each day I’m going to blog about some of ny favourites, the one’s I can’t wait for and the one’s I’ve read but haven’t seen the movie yet….

So this first blog is going to be an easy one and one that’s pretty inevitable really considering that I LOVE the books and I’m totally sure I’ll love the movie 🙂


         The Mortal Instruments
                  City of Bones

To say I love these books is an understatement. I don’t think there is actually a word that will do my love for this series justice.
It has everything in it. Strong women, romance, Jace, adventure, fantasy, Jace, action, gay couples, Jace, magic, Jace….
Oh and did I mention the main character Jace?!


“There’s a world hidden within our own”
The tagline just makes goosebumps cover my body. It’s what most fantasy/book geeks want… a world hidden within our own 🙂

Set in America it tells the story of Clary Fray, her mother Jocelyn Fray and Clary’s best friend Simon Lewis and her sort of step father Luke Garroway (pictures are coming!)





Then one night at a club Clary sees Jace for the first time. But what’s more surprising than this drop dead gorgeous boy noticing her is the fact that she can see him! (If you haven’t read the book I won’t let in why its surprising!)


After that Jace starts showing up around Clary and then he tells her the truth; “You are not a mundane” ( when you hear him say it in the trailers… *swoon*)
Another quote: “Your a shadowhunter”
Thrust into the world of shadowhunters and downworlders its only a matter of time before things start going
“bottoms up”of you like. Her mother gets taken, she meets hostile Alec and his strong willed sister Isabelle.



The enigmatic and flamboyant warlock Magnus Bane.


And of course the book and movies bad guy…
Valentine Morgenstern


The book ends on a massive cliffhanger… (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read it but TMI fans know what I’m talking about!)

The book is just brilliant and you ship Jace and Clary straight away… as soon as you first see them together. (Their ship name is Clace…. remember that!)
Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Herondale/Morgenstern is first seen as being cocky and arrogant but above all that he’s sensitive and gentle and you can see the love he has for Clary the minute you read/watch it. He’s always believed that to love is to make you weak but his love for Clary makes him both stronger and weaker. To me Jamie is Jace. He’s how I imagined him in the books and the production team picked the right person because honestly I can’t see anyone else playing Jace (the same goes for the rest of the cast!)

Clary Fray is the girl who loves with her heart and will do anything to protect those she loves even if it means putting her life at risk. She is a fiery and artistic redhead. At first Jace infuriates her but you can tell the moment she falls for the sensitive boy beneath the cocky attitude. She has so many people to protect that she often forgets to protect herself. Clary is the Chosen one in the book and to quote Jace “there’s a map inside your head Clary… we need you. I need you”

Jocelyn Fray is Clary’s mother who is hiding a secret and will do anything to stop Clary from finding out. When she goes missing Clary puts her life on the line to save her.

Luke Garroway is Clary’s sort of step father. He’s been friends with Jocelyn since they were young and Clary sees him as the father figure in her life. Luke will do anything for Jocelyn and Clary and of course he’s hiding a secret of his own aswell as keeping Jocelyn’s secret.

Simon Lewis is Clary’s best and only friend. He’s totally devoted to Clary and when his life is in danger Clary risks alot to save him. He’s madly in love with Clary to which she is totally oblivious. With his totally geekiness it makes him totally hot and loveable. Something does happen to Simon and he forms a ship with one of the other characters.

Isabelle Lightwood is a strong and empowering girl who goes out to prove that the girls are just as good as boys. She’s a fighter and a total power house. She keeps the group together. At first she seems a little jealous of Clary but they soon become friends. Isabelle is beautiful and knows how to use her beauty at times. Later in the books she falls in love, even though she’d never admit it.

Alec Lightwood is Isabelle’s brother and Jace’s parabati. At first he’s hostile towards Clary but as you learn more of his story you understand why. He’ll protect Jace with his life (and Jace protects his) and his hostile attitude towards her baffles Clary…. until she learns his secret too.

Magnus Bane the enigmatic, charismatic and flamboyant warlock (who TMI fans will know from TID). Magnus has been around for a long time and has been with near enough everything (except mermaids) He loves freely and falls madly for one of the characters…. (oh poo it! Sorry spoilers for those who haven’t read the books but it has to be done! MALEC! Who doesn’t love them as a couple!?)

Valentine Morgenstern is in fact the bad guy. The destroyer. (In the first three books that is!) He’s after the Mortal Instruments… the cup in particular and will stop at nothing to get it. You’ll be shocked and awed when the secret is revealed at the end and like most bad guys he wasn’t all that bad to begin with!

The books are just amazing and brilliant and awesome and a whole host of other words so I really hope the movie does the book justice because sometimes they don’t or they deviate from the books. (I love the vampire diaries and true blood but the tv shows are alot different from the books)

The movie has been moved forward here in England by two days. Its gone from the 23rd August to the 21st August and I for one can’t wait!

I will be fangirling all the way the cinema and I swear I will die when Jace comes on the big screen haha.

*Jocelyn Fray- Lena Headey
*Clary Fray- Lily Collins
*Valentine Morgenstern- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
*Jace Wayland- Jamie Campbell Bower
*Alec Lightwood- Kevin Zegers
*Isabelle Lightwood- Jemima West
*Simon Lewis- Robert Sheehan
*Luke Garroway- Adian Turner
*Emil Pangborn- Kevin Durand
*Samuel Blackwell- Robert Maillet
*Hodge Starkweather- Jared Harris
*Madame Dorothea- CCH Pounder
*Magnus Bane- Godfrey Gao
*Brother Jeremiah- Stephen K Hart



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