The Once and Future King….

I have a big obsession in my life (other than books!) and that is….


                  KING ARTHUR

Seriously everything there is to do with him or the knights of the round table or merlin himself I love I’m a sucker for it.

I LOVE the tv show Merlin and I loved Camelot before it was axed (Jamie Campbell Bower played Arthur!)

I don’t actually know what started me off on this obsession but looking back I think i’d read a story in first school called Gwaine and The Green Giant and I fell in love with themagical and mystical side of it. Then I saw Sword in the Stone and loved it.

It wasn’t until I started college that things started to escalate. I read Bernard Cornwall’s Warlord Chronicles and I was amazed. From then I started to find other books about Arthur or Merlin or even of Avalon itself.

Then I went to Glastonbury, Avalon itself and I was just amazed. I couldn’t believe I was standing in this mystical and awe inspiring town that King Arthur himself once had.

I walked down the streets thinking “He could have walked down these very streets, ridden down the road I’m walking down…”


This is the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.

And this….


Is the marked site of where they found King Arthur and Queen Guineveres bones….

And here is where their remains were moved to


This is going to sound strange but part of me felt an overwhelming sadness when I saw this grave. Like part of me had known him and I was standing by a friends grave.
Glastonbury has that effect on you; like you’ve been there before and I swear I have. The first time we went there I knew exactly where to go, exactly where things were and how to get to the Tor.


I love the Tor. Its my favourite place. The veil between this world and the next. The place where Arthurs lies sleeping in the veil of Avalon.


When you stand at a certain place on the Tor you can see all that’s remaining of the Lake of Avalon. To think that the Lake surrounded the whole of Glastonbury earning its name The Isle of Glass…



This is the Chalice Well.
Wells are a source of wisdom and a veil to other things and there is a wall surrounding it where you can sit and meditate or pray or just to simply be with your thoughts.
The picture above is called King Arthur’s Pool.
The water has iron in it and there is a filter where you cab actually drink the water and a small pool where you can go and be healed or to just relax (the water is ice cold!)


That’s my mom and I in the Chalice Well 🙂

I knew my obsession with Glastonbury and the Arthurian legend was growing and growing.


I started to buy tarot cards and then I found these… The Camelot Oracle 🙂


I got mini plaques with Arthur on and a small excalibur letter opener…


I even sent off to get signed pictures from Arthur (Bradley James) and Merlin (Colin Morgan) from the TV show Merlin (sad I know!)

Then came the DVD’s….


And then pictures…


And then came the books….



I know its not a normal 22 year old girl thing to be in lo e with but I just can’t help it.
Part of me feels as though I’ve lived that life before. That I’ve been beside Merlin when he’s been mixing his potions and doing his spells, that I’ve ridden next to Arthur and his knights, that I was there when the Guinevere and Lancelot affair came out, I was the one who saved Sir Gwaine, I was the one who was by Morgan Le Fay’s side and I was there on the battle field when Arthur and Mordred killed each other….
Its just an obsession I can’t describe. I can only talk about how much it all means to me and how much I love the legend. How much my eyes light up when I talk about it and how a big goofy smile appears on my face whenever its mentioned.

This is my big obsession and I’m just glad that I can share it with you whether you love the legend or not.

I want to write my own book on the subject whether it be one big book or a series I don’t care. I need to get all the knowledge out of ny head and into a book… its going to be hard though because there are so many brilliant Arthurian books around that I wouldn’t know where to begin…

Anyway I’m glad I can share this with you. It makes me feel good to talk about all of this 🙂


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