My book I’m reading…

Okay so I’m currently reading The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle (two books in one)


So I’ve watched the tv show (just finished series 4 and awaiting series 5) and I thought I’d try the books.
So here’s the thing. I know they were written in 2001 when vampire books probably weren’t at there highest (lets face it Twilight started off the Vampire revelation… although I did like vampires before they came along!) But the first two books just seem a little…. quick.
Stefan is the mysterious new boy who arrives in Fells Church from Italy and Elena is the girl who has it all; looks, money and social standing. She gets what she wants and she wants Stefan… understandable… he’s hot!
This is where it goes a little… meh…. they don’t actually speak to each other and then 2 months down the line after two words have been spoken between them they are totally and irrevocably in love with each other… okay that could be due to the fact that she is the exact image of Katherine, his first love. But still it just seemed a bit quick.
Damon is pretty dark in the book which was the same as the tv show and I have a feeling he’s going to change into the Damon we know and love in the tv show.
Now I’m a fan of the tv show (massive fan!) And couldn’t wait to read about Jeremy Gilbert (hot is an understatement!) But he’s not in the first book or the second because Elena has a four year old sister not a teenage brother! Waaaa 😥
Also Elena is blonde in the book whereas in the tv show she’s a brunette… I think I like brunette Elena better!
Anyway I’ve heard the rest of the books are better so I’m going to persevere and read them (I brought the first eight books in the series so I have to really otherwise that’s a total waste of money!)

So whether you’ve read the books or watched the tv show or both I want to ask you a question…. who do you love better?
Stefan or Damon?
(I do love Stefan but I’m team Damon!)


               Stefan Salvatore


               Damon Salvatore


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