It had to be done…


So here are the pictures of my bookified room….


Book case number 1! This one houses tarot cards and fairy figures aswell as books… this shelf you will find Twilight, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, Fallen series, Eva Ibbotson books and King Arthur books….


This is the box by my bookcase…. its got myths and legends reference books, king arthur books, JRR Tolkein books etc


The other side of the room… this has autobiography books and some reference books too… many of which are doctor who 😀


And finally this bookcase… yeah I know!! It homes alot of books! TMI, TID, TVD, True Blood, The Lux series, Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Hush Hush series, Abandon trilogy…. you get my drift!
I’m hoping to fit another bookcase in my room to house the ones ontop of this one… the life of a bookaholic is an interesting one….
And what’s even more interesting is the fact I work in a book department!! I have to refrain from buying books because I have to save for holiday spends… Its a daily struggle to not buy books!


About geekandbooknerd

I'm Hayley. A total book nerd and a massive geek just as the name suggests. I have plenty of book husbands (Oh so many to name!) as well as tv show and movie ones :P I am a total fangirl and you will get random posts from me. I'm totally weird but I happily accept that. This blog is just me reviewing books and fangirling and geeking out to things because sometimes you just need a break from normal things! So please enjoy :)

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