My First Blog! :D

Okay so wow! This is my First blog and my first post! (Que excited nerd dancing!)
Okay so I don’t really know where to begin.
I suppose I should start with my I wanted to do this… well I was reading the Lux series and Katy well she blogs in the book about books and stuff and I suddenly though “Holy hell I could do that!” Which now I am… I’m also hoping that a super hot boy will move in next door to me who is the exact image of Daemon Black…… (those who have read the books knows where this is going!)
Anyway back to reality!
So yeah… I’m a little weird and as my name suggests a total geek and book nerd 😀
I should post pictures of my room so you can see just how bookified the room is (don’t think that’s a real word but hey ho) I’ll post the pictures later when we’ve all got to know each other better.
I hope to meet people on here who can understand exactly what I’m going through when it comes to books, certain characters and just how much you love them.
You’ll get to know me a bit more and I’m pretty sure ny posts will be random at times… I hope to do polls, competitions and other things like that and one day when I’m feeling really brave I my even let you in on my book ideas I have 🙂
But until then lets see how it goes 🙂

Oh and “Hi blogging world!” 😀


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